Priority setting for WHO vaccine prequalification

WHO | 06 April 2016 | 0 comments

Programme Area: Immunization
Supply Chain Segment: All

The prioritization list below is a tool published every two years by the WHO prequalification programme to guide decisions as to the vaccines on which to focus resources. Vaccines are categorized in four groups: high, medium, low and no priority. At each dossier submission deadline, WHO will accept for evaluation vaccine applications in any of the first three groups as long as the resources are sufficient to evaluate them. If the number of applications exceeds the capacity at WHO, vaccines will be taken up for evaluation according to the assigned priority. Evaluation of applications for vaccines in the lowest priority group may be postponed to the subsequent deadline. Applicants will be informed accordingly. Within the same category, applications will be considered for evaluation in order of receipt. A vaccine with no priority will not be accepted for evaluation.

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