HR Country Support Package for Public Health Supply Chains

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This HR country support package for Immunization Supply Chain Managers was developed by the People & Practice priority working group  of GAVI led by UNICEF. These resources provide a set of tools and guidelines to support and develop immunization supply chain managers to be able to effectively manage the supply chains. This package compliments already existing guidance and seeks to address the following broad questions:

  • How can I better understand the status of HR in my immunization supply chain?
  • What lessons can I learn from other countries and from the private sector?

  • How can I strengthen my leadership skills?

  • How can I develop the skills and technical competencies that I need to effectively manage my supply chain?

  • How can I build a comprehensive plan to meet all HR issues, not just training?

  • How can I strengthen co-ordination & collaboration to accelerate the effective implementation of Supply Chain improvement plans?

  • How can I improve performance and bring about sustainable change within my organization?    



CaseStudyPortfolio_Final 19th Oct 2015_0

FINAL GAVI Supply Chain Strategy People and Practice Evidence Review Report 21st May 2014_0

FINAL Validated SCM leadership management framework 13th April 2015

HR for ISC Rapid Assessment, Sep 21 2016 - English

HR for ISC Rapid Assessment, Sep 21 20161 - French

Organizational_Behaviours_and Change__Management_Toolkit_Final_Draft_14_July_2016


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