Destination South Sudan

UNICEF Supply | 30 June 2011 | 0 comments

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4 minute video documenting how UNICEF Uganda handled the procurement, packing and shipping of over 30,000 hygiene kits: Destination South Sudan.

In mid-2009, UNICEF Uganda met with UNICEF South Sudan and started buying for their operation. This was to save on freight costs and lead times for goods coming from Kenya through Uganda to South Sudan - especially in response to the growing number of South Sudanese returning from the North to vote and return to the new republic of South Sudan.

UNICEF Uganda created LTAs for various kits, for example, 31,450 hygiene kits that were packed in Uganda. Each kit contains several items for hygiene and dignity for people without the basic necessities. The supplier quickly improved its lead times since the first order ending with producing 15,000 kits in two weeks. This and other LTAs were shared with neighbouring countries in the region.

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