Better medicines for children - the back story

Atieno Ojoo, UNICEF Supply | 01 September 2012 | 0 comments


Atieno Ojoo, Technical Officer, Medicines and Nutrition Centre, UNICEF Supply Division, has devoted her career to making medicines for children better, more easily delivered and more simply administered.  In this video, she tells the story: from no child-sized HIV medicines available in Kenya, through design of solid, oral dosage forms, cooperating with WHO, MSF and UNICEF, to working with UNICEF on the Better Medicines for Children project. Then running the same programming through medicines against malaria, then pneumonia… 

By pharmacists from all over the world working together: from industry, the field, academia, UN agencies, NGOs, national partners and ministries of health, simple affordable medicines can be designed and made available to children in need.

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